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Our Next Production - Little Shop Of Horrors

5th to 8th July 2017 at 7:30pm

Little Shop of Horrors


Preview 1 Mon 30 January at 19:00
Audition 1 Thu 02 February at 19:00
at Cranford Community College (Drama Studio)

Preview 2 Mon 06 February at 19:00
Audition 2 Thu 09 February at 19:00
at the Magna Carta Arts Centre, Egham


On the 21st of September, not so long ago, creatures from outer space invaded our galaxy intent on world domination. Some of them took the form of plants. Seymour purchased one of the plants and brought it back to Mushnik's Skid Row Florist shop where he worked. He tended the plant lovingly naming it Audrey II after his fellow assistant, Audrey.

Audrey II proves to be a draw in the shop which starts to attract many visitors. The major problem, however, is that Audrey II's food happens to be blood - fresh blood! As the plant starts to grow, so does its appetite and its demands.

Audrey has a sadistic boyfriend, a dentist Orin, who regularly appeases his sadistic desires on Audrey, who ultimately realizes that she really does have a friend in Seymour.

Seymour has been feeding Audrey II with his own blood but is gradually growing weaker as the plant's appetite increases. In exchange for fresh blood, Audrey II says he will grant Seymour's heart's desire. When Seymour goes to confront him, Orin overdoses on laughing gas. Audrey II, however, has her first human victim.

Mushnik begins to suspect the worst and thus becomes the second victim when he stumbles on the secret of Audrey II's growth. By this time Audrey II is growing rapidly and entraps Audrey. Seymour heroically rescues a fatally injured Audrey and tells her the whole story of Audrey II and her victims. Audrey wants to join them - and does.

Seymour is then visited by a representative of World Botanical Enterprises (W.B.E.) as they wish to propagate Audrey II. When they've gone, Seymour tries to kill off the bloodsucking plant but is pulled into its heart. The representatives from the W.B.E. return and take their cuttings. World domination looms - here come Audrey II, and III and IV and ......


SEYMOUR KRELBORN: Male, 18 to 30's Vocal Range: Tenor (A2 to G4)

Employed in a run-down East Side Flower Shop in skid row. He is the insecure, na´ve, put-upon florist's clerk, our hero. He's sweet and well-meaning, somewhat shy, awkward; lacking in social skills. A menial laborer at Mushnik's Flower Shop. Nebbish-like, he feels much put-upon. In spite of his flaws, he's a sweet and well-meaning little man. Seymour becomes the owner of the carnivorous plant, Audrey II. He has a whole lot of insecurity going on, but as the show progresses and the plant grows more powerful, so does his confidence. Comic timing a must.

AUDREY: Female, 18 to 30's Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (G3 to D5)

The other employee of Mushnik's Flower Shop, she is honest and attractive, but has very low self-esteem and therefore dresses like trash, attracting all the wrong guys. Not well-educated, and a bit air-headed, she is the gum-snapping, bleached-blond secret love of Seymour's life. Lacking in education and self-esteem, she suffers from feelings of hopelessness at her situation in life, including her abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Orin Scrivello. Seymour names his plant after her. Sweet-sounding with strong belt ability G3 - D5

CRYSTAL, RONNETTE and CHIFFON: Female, 18 to 30's Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (G3 - D5)

Street urchins who function as both participants within the action of the play, and as '&doo-wop' chorus girls outside it. They are our primary story-tellers who help move the story along and provide some narrative. They're hip, smart, and the only characters who really know what's going on. They occasionally sing to the audience directly, with a secret smile that says, 'we know something you don't know'. Must sound funky, soulful, jazzy and huge with every note sung.

MR. MUSHNIK: Male, 40 to 65 Vocal Range: Baritone, (G2 - F4)

Owner of the flower shop; the boss. He is a failure as a florist. Jewish middle class New York. Sweats a lot. Mushnik is given to cursing in Yiddish. He is a man who seldom smiles and often yells. This almost retirement-aged Jewish store owner has pretty much one thing at his core to self preservation. He has somewhat fatherly tendencies towards Audrey, but oddly enough, NOT towards Seymour, who he eventually adopts. His personality has the ability to be connivČing and dark, but then turn on a dime and be sweet, happy and the life of the room.

ORIN SCRIVELLO: Male, Late 20's-30 Vocal Range: Baritone, (G2 - G4)

Egotistical, rough and insensitive; Audrey's abusive boyfriend. He's a sadistic dentist, dressed like a greaser, but thinks like an insurance salesman. He's in love with the sound of his own voice. A motorcycle-riding, black leather jacket-wearing tough-guy. He is tall, dark, handsome, and sadistic. His fondness for his own nitrous oxide proves to be his undoing. Orin's addiction to causing others pain is both his motivation for life, and the eventual cause of his death.

VOICE OF THE AUDREY II: Male Vocal Range: Baritone, (G2 to G4)

A wise-cracking anthropomorphic cross between a Venus flytrap and an avocado with teeth. Purchased by Seymour from Chang's Flower Shop during a mysterious total eclipse of the sun. Harbours plans for world domination and develops an unquenchable thirst for human blood. Conniving, villainous and street-smart.

An actor/vocalist located offstage. The voice is that of a conniving, street-smart 'villain.' A funky Rhythm and Blues voice is best.

MR. BERNSTEIN: a fast-talking media hotshot
MRS. LUCE: a wealthy representative from Life Magazine; a schmoozing business type; puts on airs
SKIP SNIP: a smooth, trench-coated East Coast talent agent
CUSTOMER: an overly enthusiastic passer-by
PATRICK MARTIN: a sleazy opportunist

*PLEASE NOTE: The roles of Mr. Bernstein, Mrs. Luke, Skip Snip, Customer, and Radio Announcer may be cast between one or multiple people

ENSEMBLE: Various actors to play Winos, Flower shop customers, Members of the press, Bag ladies, Derelicts and Skid Row characters